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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

Leave the Past Behind

The New Moon is always conjunct the Sun and receives a power boost from the Sun’s light.  The New Moon is always a good time to set new intentions.  The difference with this New Moon is the Solar Eclipse.  The eclipse is like 3 New Moons at once.  During an eclipse, the Moon aligns itself between the Sun and Earth.  The Moon, then, blocks the light of the Sun.  This Solar Eclipse will be partial so the light will be partially blocked.    An eclipse means it is time to separate with something and leave it in the past – this could be related to an external situation, person, or relationship – or it could be internal such as particular behaviors, thought patterns, or emotions that no longer serves the direction you are headed.

We have a stellium (3 or more planets in the same sign) in Aquarius with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and South Node of the Moon.  The Sun represents our reason for being and our conscious mind and the Moon represents our habits and emotional patterns  that reside in the subconscious/unconscious mind.  This New Moon will greatly affect us on an emotionally subconscious level.  The Sun will be partially visible from our perspective as the Moon blocks the light.  On a symbolic level, we can say that the conscious mind turns off for a short time as our emotions and instincts come to the forefront.  Our emotions will be very strong.  Perhaps we have suppressed or repressed some memory or emotion and it comes to the forefront.  The suggestion here is to access ‘wise mind’ rather than ‘reactive mind’.  This means when you feel strongly influenced by your emotions that you pause, take a few deep breaths, bring yourself into your rational mind before you make a snap decision or say something you might regret.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is conjunct the Moon and Sun.  Mercury is exalted in Aquarius – so Mercury can be our best ally.  As Mercury will be so close to the Sun, the light from the will ‘burn’ Mercury.  This means that our mind will become fused with our personality – in other words, become too subjective so we can’t see any other side to the situation except our own side.  As Aquarius is an air sign we might over think or ruminate about something.  This rumination we focus so intently on could create a lot of mental stress.  A quick fix to this is to pull back our focus on that one perspective and see if we can find other perspectives that are more reasonable and helpful to our lives.  Aquarius is full of ideas and focused on the future, the collective, and some group you are involved in.

We have Venus and Neptune in Pisces.  Venus is exalted in Pisces, a mutable water sign.  We are not judgmental here – compassion is for all.  There is a heightened sensitivity to our emotions and we can be more empathetic toward helping other people.  Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces and asks us to trust our intuition and inner decision making process.  This is interesting because we have all this mental air going on – in which there is pressure or tension within our minds with possible over thinking and the moon triggering our emotions perhaps something related to the past we suppressed. 

When we pull our focus away from the rumination and emotional triggers and pause to take some deep breaths, we create the space to access our intuitive guidance.  Once our body and mind are quiet, we use our intuitive guidance as a form of decision making.  

Yoga, meditation, some spiritual practice will give us the opportunity to access this insight.

Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces and Sagittarius is still in Scorpio.  Jupiter will make a challenging aspect to the New Moon.  Jupiter wants it all, and in Scorpio, it has a big desire to want the whole cake and eat it, too.  This is our big challenge: too many ideas to choose from so we try all of them.  This will scatter our energy and make it difficult to make any movement forward. 

What do you want to finally be done with so you can move on to something bigger and better?

Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, is in Aries sextile the New Moon/Solar eclipse.  Uranus is the awakener, the ‘excitement’ of change.  Aries is a cardinal fire sign which means that Aries won’t sit back and wait to decide – Aries wants to take inspired action, now.  Not yesterday.  Use this energy to take action on your goal and move you toward the direction you are headed.

What will you complete so that you can free up new energy for what your heart desires?

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