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New Moon in Capricorn – You can do it

The New Moon is at 26 degrees Capricorn and surrounded by 5 other planets in what we call a ‘stellium’.  This gathering of planets places a more single-pointed focus on the energy of Capricorn. 

New Moon Energy

The New Moon, as every new Moon, is conjunct the Sun – this means that the Moon is sitting right next to the Sun and receives a power boost of Capricorn light.  It is helpful to focus on the energy of the sign the New Moon transits for best results.   As we begin a new cycle, think about what you manifested since the last New Moon.  Which goals do you want to continue to implement?  Do you need to change your goals or the steps to reach your goals?  Is there something you would rather start? 

Capricorn Energy

Capricorn, being an earth element sign, is focused on material concerns and ambitions.  A few Capricorn keywords are: determined, serious, practical, pragmatic, ambitious, karma, time, the body, career, effort, shrewdness/clever, goal setting, tradition— Capricorn is a no-nonsense energy and does not like get involved in any drama.

With all this Capricorn planetary energy we have the opportunity to release old karma, set our New Year’s goals, and take practical steps toward achieving those goals.  Capricorn knows that you can’t just do half a ritual and expect it to work.  Capricorn knows that if you want to manifest on the material plane, you must fully commit.  It takes time for what you want to create (the big things, really) – once it reaches the universal postal station and returns back to earth – what you have attempted to create may manifest in, hopefully, the way you imagined it.  Hard work does pay off. 


Venus conjunct Moon -  With this particular aspect there is a pleasant mood in the atmosphere.  Capricorn energy provides an abundant quality that is focused on material comforts – sometimes we just want to be loved and Capricorn has a bit of a challenge in that area.   What do you value that brings you a sense of inner peace?  How do you create more good vibes in your home and work life?

Pluto is in close proximity and Pluto demands the truth and nothing else.  Pluto is the power behind the scene.  Pluto in Capricorn is deconstructing and restructuring power and use of power.  Anything not in alignment will be exposed and demolished.  There is power in owning your truth and taking responsibility (Capricorn) for our actions. 

Mars sextile Moon – there is an opportunity to use and rely on your inner resources and a drive and passion to exercise choice to stick to your goals. 

Jupiter sextile Pluto –  you will find your passion and confidence if you just look within. 

Uranus square New Moon – an unexpected surprise that feels challenging or frustrating to our goals yet it just takes a small adjustment to get back on track.


Saturn rules Capricorn and has recently shifted into its home base.  It’s time to grow up and become an adult and take our commitments seriously.  Six planets in Capricorn provide us the energy we need to set goals and take valuable steps toward reaching those goals.  If you want to see results, all you need to do is apply yourself .