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Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse @ 8:27 AM EST

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo - Healing the Divine Feminine

The lunar eclipse on January 31st at 11 degrees Leo is making a yod configuration with Neptune and Black Moon Lilith.  The Moon rules women, family, emotions, and home and Black Moon Lilith represents our shadow side.  Our shadow side consists of all the ‘negative’ unresolved fears, sadness, anger, that exists in our subconscious mind.  Our shadow side comes out when we begin to feel depressed or fearful, when we lash out or recoil and we don’t know why.   Neptune rules illusion, delusion, adventure, manipulation.  This aspect shows us how women have been perceived as charming seductress who expertly manipulates men, the bitchy, witchy woman who always gets her way or the alluring attractive female who is perceived as a trophy or not given a voice who then lashes out in response – feeling powerless.  Sometimes lashing out makes us feel more powerful.

A yod in astrology means the ‘hand of god’ or ‘touched by god’ – meaning that a great mission is to be achieved but with much trial and tribulation.  The energy in the sky is alerting us to some adjustments to be made to the shadow elements of our emotional nature and identity as women.  No surprise there. We are more than just a wife, a seductress, a trophy or ornament, -- we are human beings with individual spirit, goals and intelligence.  Most of all, we must love ourselves for healing to occur and to open to the divine feminine in all of us (yes, men, too).    This is the gift of the shadow – and we must not be afraid to dig in deep.  We are human after all.  Being human is a messy thing. 

Eclipses are the harbingers of change and constitute some sort of crisis.  We can look at eclipses as portals of awareness that lead to change.  We may come to a deeper understanding of our patterns – that ‘aha’ moment we’ve been waiting for.  As a Lunar eclipse is also a Full Moon we are dealing with the opposition of the Sun in Aquarius.  Leo is all about the subjective self in creative expression and Aquarius is more about group effort and objectivity.  This is most likely where the crisis or change will occur: In how we are seen and how we contribute. 

We don’t want to go all drama Queen, Black Moon Lilith on any one, now, do we?  As soon as you feel that trigger – take a pause and go within.  Get in touch with your shadow elements and ask yourself what would love do?  Leo at its most exalted is love over ego – at its detriment, is ego over love thinking it is love.   Depending on where this axis falls in your chart is where you will be experiencing this energy.

For the signs after the forward slash just reverse the information, for example if you have Libra rising then read it as groups, friendships, organization vs creativity, children, risk-taking how we perform.

Aries/Libra rising:  Creativity, children, risk-taking how we perform vs groups, friendships, organizations

Taurus/Scorpio rising: Home, family, emotional security vs Career, the public

Gemini/Sagittarius rising: Communication, neighborhood vs your belief system, foreigners, higher education

Cancer/Capricorn rising: personal resources, talents vs other people’s resources, shared resources

Leo/Aquarius rising: self-expression, identity/body vs partnerships, relationships

Virgo/Pisces rising: Compassion, oneness, self-undoing vs health, routine, work

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