Welcome to the Cosmic Salon!

Do you want to live the life you always wanted to live? Do you want to understand yourself as you never have before? 
You've come to the right place -- we have tools here to help you transform your life, navigate the world, and help you understand yourself in the process.

We use astrology mindfulness and more  --

--- Astrology as a tool for transformation. We will be discussing the planets and how to use the planets as a way to understand yourself, life and how to live it most effectively. 
----Mindfulness tools will help you deepen your experience of life, get you thinking about who you are,
become more present to life through the lens of the observer.
----The new and full moon blogs will give you an idea of the current planetary energy and how it could
impact your life. In addition, following the moon cycle is a helpful way of implementing goals
for manifestation.

I have walked a very eclectic spiritual path over the last 20 years that include both Eastern and
Western spiritual teachings, from energy healing, alchemy, magick, buddhism, hinduism, astrology,
mindfulness, soul realignment, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling, and
more -- this website is for informational and educational purposes to help you make your own
personal decisions. I do not do formal counseling on this website.

We hope you enjoy your time here!

What's the astrological weather?